About Us

Dr. David Greenspan Asheville, NC Chiropractor

A long time resident of the area, Dr. David moved to Black Mountain in 1981, grew up in Swannanoa and is the youngest member of the Greenspan chiropractic family with 4 practicing Doctors in the area and 70 years of combined experience. He is truly steeped in the profession. Dr. David graduated from CD Owen HS, UNC-Chapel Hill and Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg. Post-graduate work focused on Applied Kinesiology a holistic chiropractic technique utilizing manual muscle testing as a window into the functional neurology of the human body. A long time athlete and adventurer, Dr. Greenspan has traveled to 39 countries on five continents and brings a larger world view into the techniques and health solutions offered in our office. Dr. David currently lives in the Riceville community with his daughter Olivia and dog Oscar. Come and experience the helping hands of healing.

Deana Shelton, Office Manager

Deana Shelton is a West Asheville native and loves her beautiful mountain home. While attending Appalachian State University in Boone, Deana met her husband Dillon. Together, they live happily with their dogs Prudence & Levon. Deana enjoys yoga, gardening, hiking, music and spending time with friends and family. She has been assisting Dr. David for seven years now and loves seeing patients find relief thru Chiropractic care. Deana is thrilled to be a part of the GreenHands Healing Center team!

Sue Drover, Licensed Massage Practitioner

I moved to Asheville after spending 26 years in Alaska. Why Asheville? Mountains. After living surrounded by the pristine mountain ranges of Talkeetna and Homer Alaska I knew I would only be satisfied in another mountain community. While my experiences in Alaska will be unsurpassed, Asheville is growing on me.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend massage school at one of the top 10 schools in the nation. I completed a 2 year program in 9 months with an emphasis in Sports and Orthopedic massage. During this time I was privileged to study Onconology Massage with Tracy Walton. What a beautiful experience.

It is with great pleasure I join the family of Greenhands Healing Center. My own journey to health & wellness has taken years, but I truly believe you are your own best advocate when it comes to your health. As a mother and grandmother, I completely understand the challenges of putting yourself first but without your health and wellbeing, how will you be there for those you care about when they need you? My journey to a healthier me is a daily battle, even when I fall I pick myself back up and keep moving forward. Every day is a new beginning.