Justin recounts his story from being a patient of GreenHands Healing Center.

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Ron Shelton

TestimonialsA horrible migraine had caused me to call and cancel my appointment with Dr. Greenspan because all I wanted to do was go home, turn off all the lights and lay down. Next thing I know my phone is ringing and Dr. David is saying I have two choices; to go home and suffer or come to his office and get some relief. With one hand clamped on my skull I drove right over and recieved my first chiropractic adjustment. The headache was gone before I got up off the table! I have experienced great improvement in many areas from total relief of my low back pain to a 600% increase of the strength in my right hand. Thanks to Dr. Greenspan I have regained much of the vitality and energy of which my chronic pain had robbed me. I am much more focused and productive in my job as safety manager at Kearfott Guidance Corporation. I love getting Adjusted and believe in chiropractic 100%


Thomas Steele


The past 15 years I have been suffering with Migraines, Neck and severe Low Back pain. I used Flexeril and Vicodin but was fearful of becoming addicted because of my family’s history. Many friends had told me to try chiropractic so I had no doubts I could be helped. I really love this environment! The staff and doctors are exceptional and I feel like I am part of the family! Besides the great adjustments I have received exercises, neck pillows, foot orthotics and ergonomic observations. My low back pain was gone in two weeks, I no longer have migraines and the neck pain is significantly better. I know chiropractic can seem “sketchy” but trust my experience! Try it out and finally be able “try out” life, pain free. I trust this process because it’s not only been about fixing but also educating. I love this place and the people.


Ronnie Buckner


I am a hard working man who gets up before dawn and eats dinner when the stars are out. I had been toughing it out and numbing the pain in my body with Advil and Tylenol but it just wouldn’t leave me alone. I was suffering with daily sinus headaches, neck pain causing numbness in my left arm and low back pain causing tingling in my left leg.All this was before I met Dr. Greenspan at the DOT health fair. Dr. David is very concerned about his patients and works hard to help those who are in pain. After my 3rd adjustment I have had no more headaches and after the 5th adjustment I slept all night for the first time in years! I now notice people suffering and tell them they should try chiropractic because I am a true believer. I have been driving 1 1/2 hours each way to visit Dr. Greenspan because I now realize the value of health. Now if I can just get my family and boss in!


Nancy Greenberg

TestimonialsI have lead a full and active life, but over the last several years my pain and fatigue has really gotten me down. I had a lumbar fusion from L2-L5 years ago and since then have been treating my pain with anything I could find including OTC pain meds, Lor tabs and steroid injections, but it always came back. Dr. David came and spoke about chiropractic where I live and described how he helps people with chronic pain syndromes. I decided to try chiropractic as a last resort to have a normal life. I was doubtful if chiropractic could help but Dr. David and his staff were very warm, friendly and professional. The treatments included adjustments to my spine and at home exercises. A month into care I have much less pain, more energy and a sense of overall wellness. I have recommended chiropractic to several friends and family.


Christina Daniels


I met Dr. Greenspan when he gave a Back Safety lecture at Kearfott where I work. I am on the walking team but was having a lot of knee pain making it really difficult. I had this pain for longer than I can remember, prescriptions of Vicodin and Percoset did not fix the problem and made me feel foggy. I had never been to a chiropractor and doubted whether it would help but the office staff was really nice and made me feel comfortable. I have been getting adjustments for the past month and started feeling the results immediately. I feel great and have no pain when walking and have lost 34 lbs since this January! I have told at least 5 different people how chiropractic has helped me, now if I can just get my mom in daughter in to see Dr. David. I feel totally different, until you experience it, you just don’t know.


Kenneth Prentice

TestimonialsI was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1991. My symptoms ranged from fatigue, lack of coordination to hand tremors, muscle spasms and intense pain in my right hip and leg. Those of you who are familiar with MS are aware of what a mysterious and debilitating disease it can be. I met Dr. Greenspan at the Sourwood Festival and he told me that there is no rule saying that I can’t have more than 1 thing wrong with me. He said besides the MS I could have pressure on my spinal nerves giving me some of my pain. My skepticisim quickly melted in the warmth of the office and after two weeks the pain was gone in my hip and leg and my walking was much improved. I am grateful to Dr. David for his genuine interest in making my life better and enabling me to be more active and free of pain for the first time since being diagnosed with MS.